Spain is one of the most vibrant and interesting of the European nations today. Home of Rafael Nadal, Oscar winner Javier Bardem and a soccer team that is nearly as good as the Brazilians. Quite simply the Traveller loves Spain because its way of life is irresistible, a culture where food, wine, family and friends take priority over almost everything else.

You eat for the sheer joy of eating, even snacking – tapas is taken seriously at the bar and always with a drink. The country stays close to its roots and takes great pride in producing some of the world’s most prized produce. The grape and olive harvests are huge occasions and generally an excuse for a fiesta.

The same goes for its wine. Spain is home to some of Europe’s most interesting and exciting wines, made by winemakers with the passion.

Tempranillo is becoming Spain’s major grape type. Tempranillo can produce some of the longest living and most complex red wines when grown correctly and it goes incredibly well with food.

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