Let’s Talk About Wine Glasses

Let’s Talk About Wine Glasses

What Difference Does it Make?

Does the Shape & Quality of a Wine Glass Affect the Wine’s Taste?

Any wine expert will answer this question with a resounding ‘YES’, because it’s true that both the shape and the quality of the glass can make a big difference to the taste of a wine. Let’s take a look at the quality of the glass first and then at how the shape of the glass can enhance your favourite drop. 

Quality Wine Demands a Quality Wine Glass

To fully appreciate your wine we recommend a plain and clear wine glass made of the thinnest glass possible with a long graceful stem. 

The clear glass allows you to fully assess the wine without the glass altering the colour of the wine, eg garnet tinges can suggest a wine has started to go off. 

Believe it or not,  glass has its own flavour and the thicker the glass the more it can alter the perceived taste of the wine.

Hand-blown glass with a thin rim and a long graceful stem are highly valued by wino’s, allowing the lips and palate of the taster to fully appreciate the wine. The thin and delicate stem is ideal for swirling, allowing the wine to oxygenate or ‘open up’ in wine language.  Stems are also important on a wine glass as they prevent your hands from touching the bowl, potentially heating the wine and affecting its flavour.

Glass Shapes Affect a Wine’s Flavour 

When tasting any wine, the majority of the “flavour” sensations come from your nose, not your mouth. Therefore, the shape and size of the glass will affect your experience.

You will be able to detect completely different bouquets (aromas that you can smell) from the same wine, depending on the shape of the wine glass. 

The larger the size of the bowl of a wine glass the more it allows the air to circulate, allowing the wine to open up. The narrow rim then funnels the intensified aromas to the drinker. 

Elegant and structured reds eg Pinot Noir are best sampled in a glass with a large bowl as these wines require more air to contact the wine, thus opening up the wine and fully unlocking the aromas. 

White wines with strong fruity aromas eg Pinot Gris are best drunk from smaller glasses, as they do not need their nose intensified by the glass. Left in a larger bowl the fruity bouquet of this style of wine will quickly vanish.

Since both the quality and shape of the glass affects the taste of the wine, we prefer the very best wine glasses and some of the best are made by Zalto in Austria. These exquisitely designed hand blown, feather-light wine glasses have won worldwide acclaim from sommeliers, wine judges and writers. Best of all they are lead-free and dishwasher qualified!

Zalto glasses are engineered to perfection with the curve of the bowls tilted at angles of 24, 48 or 72 degrees – perfectly aligning with the tilt angles of the Earth. The ancient Greeks and Romans used these angles when manufacturing their supply repositories as they found the produce stayed fresh for a longer time and also showed improved taste. This might sound like cosmic hoodoo, but in Zalto’s case, it appears to work. If you truly want to appreciate a glass of exceptional wine, the definitive choice is Zalto – a range of extraordinary wine glasses designed for the ultimate experience. 

For more information on our Zalto range of glassware, call us on 1300 332 268 or visit the Zalto section of our website by clicking here.