Different family winery each month

We source wines from the small guy. Family run wineries located in premium wine regions , here at home and around the world.  Each month we will bring you a selection of wines from a different winery.

Discover ‘Healthful Wines’ each month 

When enjoyed in moderation wine has been shown to potentially have some health benefits.  However, the chemical manipulation used modern mass produced wines can negate those benefits.   Discover the flavours of traditional and naturally made wines!

It’s what is missing that matters!

No added sugar,

lower levels of preservatives

synthetic agri chemicals 

GMO yeast  

Mass produced winemaking.       

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Join me as we explore the world’s most lovingly tended vineyards where “organic”, “pesticide-free” and “all-natural” are not buzz terms, they’re practically a family winemaking religion.

Who is The Wine Traveller?

G’day, I’m Greg Pithers and I am The Wine Traveller. I’ve been a wine aficionado for more than forty years and I used to feel your pain. That is until I discovered that drinking wine doesn’t have to come with the adverse effects often caused by the high levels of sulphur, sugar and histamine found in mass-produced wines.

During our world travels, I discovered that my wife could enjoy local wines that use natural, sustainable and organic methods of production without succumbing to her usual wine-induced migraine. We thought, “where have these wines been all our lives?” Well, increasingly, they’re found all over the world and I’ve made it my life’s work to seek them out, do some proper sampling (somebody has to do it!) and import them for long-suffering Australian wine consumers.

With each and every sip, I will take you on an unforgettable journey through sun-drenched vineyards, generations of tradition and hushed cellars of wooden barrels in regions you might never choose to visit. My promise is passionate service combined with the most wonderful wines we can source for you from Australia and around the world.

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Looking for a natural product made without chemical manipulation?

Sick of reacting to the wine you drink,  migraines allergic reactions ?

Look no further get your subscription today. 

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Natural wines from the world's best regions

We offer a hand-picked selection of vegan, keto and environmentally friendly wines, that you can enjoy with peace of mind. We regularly visit the vineyards and wineries we deal with and each wine is tested by our expert tasting panel to ensure they’re all excellent examples of their terroir and style.

More of the good, less of the bad

We only feature wines from family wineries that are devoted to organic and or sustainable viticulture & natural winemaking. 

Certificate of origin

We guarantee that your wine is 100% sourced from the location on the label. You won’t find any repacked wines on our site!

Money-back guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our wine! If you don’t, we will give you a 100% refund or better yet, send you a bottle that you will love.

The world of wine is an amazing place.

If you or someone you know typically experiences adverse reactions to wine, it’s time you discovered my range.  After all, it’s not often you’re given a ‘prescription’ with less of the unpleasant side effects*.

*The Wine Traveller cannot be held responsible for allergic or sensitivity reactions.