Ashton Hills

Aston Hills Vineyard was originally established by Stephen George in 1982, in the Piccadilly Valley sub-region of the Adelaide Hills. Over the years, Ashton Hills has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s finest proponents of Pinot Noir. Stephen’s work led him to be one of the key players to put the Adelaide Hills on the wine map, especially with his resolve to produce the best Pinot Noir in Australia. With a desire for Ashton Hills Wines to produce Pinot Noir, Stephen sought the coolest climates he could find in South Australia. Stephen believed that if you could grow apples and cherries then it was a pointer that you could grow classic European styled wines, thus land was acquired from market gardeners and Ashton Hills Vineyard was created. Originally Ashton Hills Wines produced Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling, but in recent years all grapes except a few rows of Riesling where removed. For over 30 years the Ashton Hills vineyards planted up to 30 clones of pinot noir before settling on the five key clones that are now used to make the Ashton Hills Reserve and Ashton Hills Estate Pinot Noirs.

Recently the Ashton Hills vineyard was acquired by Wirra Wirra Vineyards with Stephen moving into semi-retirement and working with the new winemaking team during vintage.

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