Rioja is a one of the oldest and grandest wine regions of the world. However, the region is vast with major climatic and soil differences from one end to the other. The wines of Rioja DOCA are dominated by about ten large wineries that are responsible for over 45% of the production. The accepted process for these and other large wineries is to buy grapes from the entire region and produce a homogenous blend. Smaller wineries traditionally use their own estate grown grapes. DOC rules restrict advertising these differences or which part of the Rioja region the grapes come from.

The grapes for Vaza Rioja are estate grown in Alavesa sub region and produced by the Solar Viejo winery which is located in the village of Laguardia at the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria mountains. Being located in the cooler Alavesa sub region the grapes from this area are sought after for their more intense flavours. The style and flavour of Vaza Crianza and Vaza Reserve are crafted with a desire to emphasize the beautiful Tempranillo fruit of the Alavesa region, resulting in a vibrant and contemporary-styled Rioja wine.

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