Zalto Glasses
The glass that we really love and use everyday are Zalto glasses.

The Zalto family have been producing high quality hand-blown Zalto glasses for six generations.  In 2006 they established a company to give special focus on outstanding, handblown stemware with the aquired brands Zalto and Denk´Art.

” The glasses that have most impressed me recently, from Zalto…. and would give any serious winelover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.”  Jancis Robinson, Financial Times 

” I didn’t think that there would be be anything better on the glass-market ….this glass is.  Moreover it has something erotic…” Francois Mauss, president of  “Grand Jury Européen”

” For me the best glasses to express terroir and character, I use then everyday.” Aldo Sohm, “Best sommelier of the World 2008” Chef Sommelier “le Bernardin” NY
The key Characteristics of Zalto Glasses:
*  Zalto glasses are an astonishing range of hand-blown stemware from one of Austria’s finest small glass blowing houses

* Despite their feather-light weight the Zalto glasses are dishwasher qualified

* Carefully selected raw materials free of lead oxide give the Zalto glasses a high resistance against clouding.

* They have been designed to maximise the aromas and flavours of wines by Austrian wine guru Hans Denk
The Zalto Glassware Difference:
The fact that Zalto glasses are lighter, thinner and more refined in appearance is more than just good looks. The devil is in the detail such as the lip of the glass is so thin that the wine is delivered better to the palate, that way the glass itself doesn’t get in the way of the taste of the wine.

Zalto glasses are dishwasher safe. In fact putting them in the dishwasher is safer than hand washing as the pressure on the glass has a greater chance of causing breakage. This means you not only have beautiful glasses they are convenient too.

Zalto glasses are resistant to scratches and clouding remaining crystal clear for over a hundred passes through the dishwasher in laboratory tests.

All Zalto glasses are free of toxic lead.

So you can feel confident using your Zalto glassware as “everyday” glassware that will also look beautiful for those special occasions.

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