Chevalier de Bayard

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The Chevalier De Bayard -2017 Aude IGP.  Chevalier De Bayard is a typical French regional wine from the heart of the “Midi” .  As is traditional the wine is produced as a blend of the local grapes that may vary depending on the year.

Ruby red in colour,  a light fruity wine with a slightly sweet taste, that in the warmer months is I believe best served slightly chilled.

 The wine is ideal with spicy meals or better still enjoy with some cheese and fresh crusty bread.

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11 reviews for Chevalier de Bayard

  1. Anonymous

    Best red I have had the pleasure of tasting

  2. Zania

    Fantastic wine, I love it <3!!!

  3. The DV Man

    Far and away the best red wine I have ever had.

  4. Simply Red

    An amazingly guzzleable red. Terrific red for non red wine drinkers, an absolute pleasure for red wine drinkers. Fabulous all rounder, goes with any foods.

  5. Carla Rupenski

    I never drink red wine, but this wine is so delicious and easy to drink, a little sweet and just very tasty

  6. frank sankey

    finest red wine i have ever tasted.

  7. Kristina B.

    Incredible taste. Best red wine I’ve had thus far. I’d definitely pay full price for a bottle. Worth every penny in my opinion.

  8. Frans Conroy

    For me and my taste in red wine, this was an entry to another level of grape enjoyment.

  9. Margaret Airey (verified owner)

    The best red i have ever had worth every penny

  10. Aru

    I was Pleasantly surprised

  11. Susanna Panetta (verified owner)

    Easy to drink , delicious and juicy , who wants a wine that is not easy to drink with a meal or on its own

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