To Hedge or not to Hedge that is the $$

To Hedge or not to Hedge that is the $$

This has been a great week and we now have what we at  Winetraveller  call a “liquidity issue”  –  liquid sitting in ships on water ….

A well timed currency purchase 

We have taken the strategic position that in the short term hedging the Australian dollaris not in our best interest.  Irregular purchase pattern and an $Aus and Euro spead that is not changing greatly means that hedging may cost us more than not.  Well it was time to pay our Italian friends  so it was shear brilliance (read luck) that we managed to pay for our Italian wine during the day that $Aus peaked against the Euro.  We are not experts but currency trading graphs and staying abreast of global trends helps us to minimise the final price that we have to charge for international wine in Australia

A great Corporate Wine Tasting.


One of the activities that we really enjoy at the winetraveller is hosting winetasting events.  The events give us a chance to show some of our lucky customers some truely great wines from around the globe.

As well as great wine we also bring the full range of the fantastic Zalto Glasses not only for people to look at but to try and truely experience the difference drinking out of a quality glass makes.   I still enjoy watching the reaction of people drinking the same wine from a standard tasting glass and then a Zalto glass only to be blown away by the  increased taste and enjoyment of the wine from the Zalto.



At this weeks tasting we compared a selection of red and white wines

The whites where a mixture of Pinot Gris / Pinot Grigio from Italy , Spain and Australia, whilst the Reds where some great blends from Côtes du Rhône – France, Rioja- Spain and our own Barossa Valley.

Drinking this week



Eliza spent a few days in Valenica this week and came across a great little local Rosado (Rosé),  produced by Vicente Gandía.  The Hoya de Cadenas Rosado is a local specialty being made from the local “Bobal” grape.   Situated on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca this vineyard boasts 200 hectares under cultivation and has been  voted in the top 50 wineries globally – put this Bodegas down to visit when you are near Valencia