Why Organics?

Why Organics?


We believe that the best wines are made in the vineyard with a ‘hands-off’ approach to winemaking. This is why we prefer to feature organic wines.

Which leads us to a question we are often asked and that is… “What does organic mean”?

What is it?

‘Organic’ is a term that relates to the farming of the grapes used to make a certain wine. It is a system of holistic-minded conditions and requirements that are centred around the impact and sustainability of the environment.

The main advantage in organically grown grapes is the lack of chemical interaction, primarily in the spraying of the grapes. Only fertilisers that consist of naturally occurring minerals may be used to manage a vineyard, this totally excludes any nasty synthetic pesticides, herbicides,  growth hormones or artificially made chemicals that may have an undesirable effect on the quality and integrity of the grapes, thus resulting in an inferior end product.

A winery looking to gain organic certification must practice and meet these requirements over a 3 year period whilst undergoing regular inspections by one of many certifying bodies such as the ACO (Australian Certified Organic).                       

Once they achieve certification they will be permitted to place the organic certified ‘green leaf’ label on their wines and market them as such, though they must continue to meet these requirements year after year in order to remain certified organic.

So now you know why we believe organic wine is the way to go! Simply put, when a vineyard is cared for and maintained appropriately, without the use of synthetic chemicals, the quality of the fruit will be superior.

And better fruit = better wine!