Winery of the Month – Rocca di Cispiano (Fontalsalice)

Winery of the Month – Rocca di Cispiano (Fontalsalice)

Fontalsalice – Rocca di Cispiano 

Where is it?

Rocca di Cispiano is situated on the tops of the hills which divide the water of the Elsa from the Pesa, in the centre of the Chianti Classico region, near Castellina in Chianti and roughly a 40km drive from Florence. Rocca di Cispiano translates into House of Cispio, named after the Roman soldier that settled in the town. 

Who makes it?

Third generation winemaker Lorenzo Lepri now runs the winery, implementing a mantra of “Tradzione, Dedizione and Innovazione” or “Tradition, Dedication and Innovation”. With this ideology,Lorenzo pays homage to the history and tradition of Tuscan winemaking whilst implementing modern techniques to produces the fantastic wines we have today 

How they make it?

The wines produced by Rocca di Cispiano fall under the category of Natural & Organic. Although like most boutique wineries, does not have certification. However, as Lorenzo would put it “it’s my philosophy  & that of my father and grandfather. We believe in letting the ground and the grapes produce the flavours rather than chemicals”.

All the wines made by Lorenzo, from the entry-level all the way up to Gran Selezione, go through a period of ‘cold soaking’ over 6-8 days to extract as much flavour and colour as possible, before going into the best oak barriques available. This allows the fruit to develop to its potential naturally

Why We Like it?

We love the family history and tradition behind these wines, not to mention that “there is nothing to fault“. The wines express a certain uniqueness and difference with each vintage but they will always be well made with the flavours of the grape and region.