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  • Fratelli Ponte Nebbiolo D'Alba D.O.C.
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  • Brockenchack 2019 Tru Su Rose
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  • Dominio de Longaz Rosado 2014
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  • Brockenchack Jack Harrison Shiraz
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Welcome to The Wine Traveller

We specialize in supplying natural and organic wine that we have found during our travels around the globe. Truly memorable wine from some of the best wine regions in Australia and the world.  

I  have been enjoying wine for over 40 years and have recently travelled to Europe to judge in organic wine shows.   My defining moment was when travelling, my wife was able to drink wine without the usual migraine. So what was so different about these wines from Europe and South America?  I investigated what was behind this and I have found that the world of wine can be categorised into 2 broad styles.

  1. The mass production winery where due to volume requirements chemical intervention in the winery is necessary.  Here wine makers must take grapes of varying origin and produce a homogenous product, this is done with great skill in the winery.
  2. Organic and natural wineries. These are generally smaller production wineries where the winemaker is part viticulturalist as they believe in that great wines are made in the vineyard. Great vineyards, great grapes = great wines with less chemical intervention and more flavour, but this comes at a cost.

Through trial and error I established that it was the type 2 wines that not only left my wife without a migraine but had the added advantage of tasting better and I definitely felt better the next day.

Wine selection is critical, so we do not solely rely on wine critics. We visit the vineyards & wineries, talk to the winemakers and each wine has been tested by our expert tasting  panel, ensuring they are all great examples of their terroir & style .

With the aim of making organic wine good value to all, we decided that selling direct  – ditching the middleman – was the way.  This has allowed us to bring you some truly impressive wines at amazing prices by passing the savings directly onto you.

We want to take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of wine by bringing you a genuinely exciting selection of quality natural and organic wines.  Maybe you are trying new wines for the first time or maybe you are revisiting wines from a previous trip and recreating memories.

Passion, traditional simplicity, premium quality, reliving the memories or creating new experiences – the tastes, the smells, the colours, the sounds and of course the variety!! – are all part of our vision for your Wine Traveller experience.

To make your Wine Traveller experience as easy as possible, you can join our journey series club or mix and match your own selection. Whichever way you choose, we want you to love your journey. We want you to come to us first when you’re looking for a solution and we want you to keep coming back time after time. To do that, our promise is quality, passionate service and the best wine we can find for you.

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